Wildlife Photography

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Photography is all about creating visual memories. What a great opportunity to be able to capture an incredible sighting and be able to visualize that moment for years to come. The picture on this page shows 3 enthusiastic Photographers all trying to capture an image of Chameleon. It’s not always about the big things. For some people a simple one click camera is all they desire, however, there are some fanatical enthusiasts who are aiming for that winning shot that brings them recognition and a possible prize. Whatever your camera choice, don’t miss out on those, sometimes once in a lifetime, opportunities.

One of the most important things about wildlife photography is without a doubt – patience. Animals won’t pose for you or come out when the lighting is right. Every photo opportunity needs time for the picture perfect moment to present itself. The longer you spend with an animal or a group of animals the more you get to know them and predict what they might get up to next. A pride of Lions can spend the entire day lying in the same area which gives you plenty of time to get great images. The biggest problem you will have in busier destinations like the Kruger National Park is the other motorists trying to get their best shots. Animals like the Leopard can appear from nowhere and disappear without a trace in no time. Your camera needs to be ready all the time as a few seconds is often all you have.