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What is Bushcapades? For Bushdream, Bushcapades is one word to describe many words. It describes Africa, safari, wild animals, camping, 4x4ing, off-road, the bush, camp fires, sundowners, wildlife photography, conservation, game drives, overlanding and anything else you feel fits into this category. You in essence create your own “Bushcapade”. Bushdream is here to bring together destinations, experiences, products and knowledge to help you plan your first or next Bushcapade somewhere on our beautiful African Continent.

One of the many attractions of the bush is to see The Big Five. This includes the Lion, the Leopard, the Elephant, the Rhinoceros and the Buffalo. There is just something about seeing these extremely dangerous animals in the wild that gets the adrenaline pumping.

While on search for The Big Five you might as well extend the search to include The Magnificent Seven. The Magnificent Seven adds the Cheetah and the Wild Dog to the list of must sees. What an incredible achievement to tick off the entire Magnificent Seven on your bucket list.

As humans, we always aim for the big things in life. There is so much other beauty around us that we should not forget to look out for the little things. The Little Five is a well established set of little wildlife creatures that needs to be seen. The Little Five includes the Elephant Shrew, the Antlion, the Leopard Tortoise, the Rhinoceros Beetle and the Buffalo Weaver. Their names are related to their Big Five counterparts.